My Story

My mother signed a gym contract for me when I was 15, because I was 10kg overweight. At first I started training like once a week and focused more on my computer-gaming-career. But when I turned 16 I wanted to look great.

So I went to the gym more regularly and saw fast results.

24.08.06 – ca.68-70KG24.08.06 – ca.68-70KG

I developed a passion for natural bodybuilding and signed a new contract in a bodybuilding gym. Like “every” natural bodybuilder I learned to eat masses of meat, fish and diary products to get the “daily dose of protein” to build muscles.

The years went by and sometimes I trained more, sometimes I trained less and sometimes I didn’t train at all. But I still ate the same way.

In winter 2012-2013 I reached the top of my illness level. I had more than 12 colds, I had no energy, I was feeling sleepy all the time, I lost control over my bodyweight, my atopic dermatitis and my digestion declined and on top of that I’ve been diagnosed with an cardiac arrhythmia.

I knew something was seriously wrong. So I began to question everything I’ve ever learned.

I asked myself:
“Why are some people always healthy and fit?”
“Where is the difference between people who suffer from health issues and people who don’t?”
“Is it just because of our genetics?” or
“Is it only bad luck, because you are standing next to the wrong person in the subway?”

The more I was searching for answers, the more I understood the picture I was looking at.
So there I was standing after my 12th cold feeling nearly regenerated

14.03.13 – 92 KG

On this day I made a two month natural bodybuilding challenge, where I swore to myself to go every 2nd day to the gym and get rid of all my diseases.


But how did I change my nutrition? Deep down I heard an inner voice saying “Just go with the basics. Eat a lot of rice, potatos, bananas, fruits, meat and veggies. No Milk or dairy products!”

Why did I stopped eating milk and dairy products?
As a natural bodybuilder I always knew that milk is responsible for pimples, acne, digestion problems and that it causes water retention and makes you look like spongebob squarepants.

I also know now that it’s a risk factor for prostate cancer, polluted with hormones and acidic for our body. I could go on and on and tell you about the lactose, casein, clinical studies on rats and of the pus residues in the milk, because of the overmilked cow udders; but I’ll leave you with the short version.

After I’ve changed my diet I’ve lost 10kg in two month.

15.05.13 – 82 KG

I felt much better, but I knew that this wasn’t the 100% I was looking for, because I’ve been ill again and my energielevel was only around 70%.

Because of Karl Ess, a vegan fitness youtuber, I heard of the vegan, plant based, diet. At first I was a little bit sceptical, but I didn’t had much to loose so I decided to give it a three weeks try.
The results were incredible. After 2-3 weeks I was feeling different from inside. It’s hard to put these feelings into words, but it felt right and I felt awesome. When I had this feeling I knew that this is it!

As a vegan I learned so much about the importance of our daily food. I was obsessed to know everything by detail to get healthy again. I was reading books, listening to speeches of doctors, alternative practitioners, nutritionists and other people, watched documentaries and movies, visited courses and online seminars about nutrition.

Thomas Edison “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

The results were unbelievable. I lost another 12kg, my digestion problems are gone, my skin changed in many ways. The atopic dermatitis is nearly gone and is still improving.

22.07.13 / 13.09.13

I have a lot of energy, that I’m able to work more than 200 hours/month(no break time included) and ride 500km/month with my bike over months.

But the best thing is; I’m healthful now!

06.02.14 – 70 KG

Now I know my body was designed for eating a whole food plant based diet.

This means I eat mainly raw, unprocessed fruits and veggetables. I also eat starches like potatos, sweet potatos, rice, quinoa, lentils, amaranth etc.
I skip to consume animals, dairy products, other animal products, chemicals, industrial products, salt, oil, coffee and alcohol.

Thank you very much for reading!
Lukas 🙂