Hello there,

I’m Lukas and this is me:

I was born on the 02.11.1989 in Görlitz (Germany). Since then I have lived in Kiel, Lübeck, Berlin, Barcelona, Manila, Costa del sol, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and maybe one or two more places. It took me a little bit to realize that it is one world 😉 🙂

I see myself as a hardcore narcissistic (self loving+self caring) human being. I love to run long distances as some kind of spiritual practice. Raw fruits and vegetables (raw veganism) play a big role in this process.

I’m also a digital entrepreneur. It’s a funny game that I enjoy playing. Especially when it feels 100% inherent with yourself and you help to improve the collective consciousness.

Last but not least. I want to express my love for my true mother. Nature.

Best to you and everyone on this planet.

Lukas 🙂